Laser for Nail Fungus / Podiatry
Every Tuesday with “Eliminaser” at Blushious.
“Eliminaser” uses a unique, personalised, 3-Step System to combat fungal nail infections.  No matter how long they’ve been an issue or how severe the infection.
  1. Eliminate the infection.  Destroy and / or weaken fungi cells.
  2. Accelerate healthy nail regrowth.  Create a bio-response which maximises the bodies’ own immune and healing processes by increasing bloodflow
  3. Re-infection is preventable.  A specialised framework to prevent re-infection is created

We achieve 92% success with a totally painfree and non-invasive process, with no side effects and no down time required.”

See the Lunula Laser in action on ITV1s ‘This Morning’ Health Alert segment with Dr Chris, Philip Schofield and Holly Willoughby:

ITV1 This Morning feature

20160715_125915 Foot in laser Case Study III 7 Sessions 5 Months

Chiropody / Podiatry
While generally thought of as interchangeable, of these two terms podiatrist is considered the contemporary name.
Physical treatments such as nail cutting, corn removal, ingrown toenail and verrucae treatment, tend to be referred to as chiropody treatments.  Bio-mechanic, foot structure, posture and gait analyses, tend to be referred to as podiatry treatments.
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