Semi-Permanent Makeup

Permanent cosmetic enhancement is a revolutionary beauty treatment used to
defineshape and add colour to eyes, brows and lips.
The result and colour intensity can be as subtle or dramatic as you wish, to give a long-lasting look that enhances your natural beauty.

It is also Hypo-Allergenic and is ideal for those who have sensitive skin and allergy to make-up.
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Creating well balanced and perfectly positioned eyebrows will harmonize the whole face, emphasise the eye colour, correct any asymmetry and give an instant lift to the eye area.
Two main methods being used are:
Hair by hair technique – individual hair strokes mimicking the natural look of the eyebrow hair.
Fine mist / Block of colour – imitating conventional make-up applied using pencil.

The individual hair technique is ideal for re-constructive work on partially or completely missing eyebrows as well as brows that are sparse or over-plucked. The fine mist works well on those in need of of subtle enhancement, whereas the block of colour can be used for more defined look. Semi-permanent make-up does not need to look very obvious to be effective. There is a wide range of pigment colours which can be mixed and diluted to suit individual beauty type and style. 


A fine mist of colour placed in between lashes (on upper and/or lower lid) will add a definition and compliment the eye colour with no apparent eyeliner above the lash line.
Fine liner (both upper and lower lid) might change the eye shape, optically enlarge it and this way impact the looks of the entire face.
For a more defined look, Medium Thickness or Thick Eyeliner is an ideal option.This procedure allows the use of unusual colours in order to compliment, enhance and emphasise the eye colour, though even the conventional colours from browns’ range will revive the natural colour of the retina that seems to fade with time as a result of the ageing process.

Lip Blush brings a flush of colour back to pale lips. It is the ideal procedure for older clients that are losing their natural lip colour and border definition.
Full Lip Colour is the procedure that will create or bring definition back, correct unevenness, give a hint of colour or give an impression of fuller lips which has a rejuvenating effect on the looks. It allows for the ‘lipstick on’ effect but with no smudging or need to re-apply.
Lip Liner treatment (with or without shading) offers volume and symmetry, as well as enabling you to use your favourite lipstick and apply it quickly and have it remain in place.

All of these procedures are designed to enhance your lip shape and shade. The palette of pigment colours used in permanent make-up is very varied and pigments can be combined as well as diluted if a natural look is to be achieved.

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A deposit of £50 per consultation will be required and is redeemable against aesthetic procedure.


·      Hair by hair technique £535  £395

·      Fine mist/ block of colour  £535  £395


·      Subtle Lash Definer (Upper or Lower Lid) £395  £275

·      Subtle Lash Definer (Both Lids) £435  £295

·      Fine Liner (upper or lower lid) £450  £ 295

·      Fine Liner (both lids) £495  £375


·      Lip Line Definer £435  £325

·      Lip Blush £495  £375

·      Full Lip Tint £535  £395

A cash deposit of £50 per procedure will be required and is redeemable against aesthetic procedure.
Booking deposit refunds will only be given if 48 hours cancellation notice is provided.

Patch test is required min 24 hours prior to treatment.

Our Practitioner: Evie Jarecki

I have graduated from one of the best known and reputable Colleges of Art in Poland, specializing in sculpture and painting. The skills that I have gained through sculpture work, drawing, sketching and painting include extensive understanding of colour, symmetry, an eye for detail and manual dexterity. I have continued my studies and further developed my creativity skills while studying Special Effects Make-up Design for film, television and theatre. This background in the arts has led me to develop a strong interest in the aesthetics of the human face and the ways I can enhance one’s natural beauty, at times creating a life changing difference through a huge boost of confidence. Further exercising my passion for beauty and perfection after I settled in UK, I have qualified in cosmetic tattooing (Micro – pigmentation) and I became a semi-permanent make-up technician and artist.
I have trained with Natural Enhancement, the leaders within the micro pigmentation industry, and who offer the highest standard of training and extensive ‘hands on’ experience as well as the opportunity for continuance in gaining the necessary experience after completing the course. It has extended my set of skills even further and provided me with the best tools to influence and shape the potential a person’s face holds, in a similar way to cosmetic surgery, but at a far more affordable cost. Read more at:

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